What is a Beta Test?
  • A Beta Test is sometimes called a “Proof of Concept”. All new companies with proprietary systems or technologies need to be able to show their customers, investors, and employees that their concept is valid.
If I become an official Beta Tester, will the Beta Test cost me any money?
  • No, but the equipment is very expensive. So, we are planning to charge a deposit that is equal to the first month’s rental. But, this is a one-time deposit, and no additional rent is required until the end of the Beta Test project.
What is the normal equipment deposit cost for the Beta Test Participants?
  • Due to the current pandemic, we reduced the equipment deposit to $30.  This deposit will be refunded after the end of the Beta Test project ends.
Is it legal to grow, rent, or consume the Beta Test plants?
  • Yes… All the plants we grow are cannabis plants, but are high in CBD, (with less than 0.03% THC). And, cannabis plants with little or no THC puts the plant in the category of “Industrial Hemp”. If you do a Google search for Industrial Hemp you will find that hemp has been legally grown in the USA since the beginning of our country. (In fact, even George Washington was an early hemp farmer).
What does Bonsai Style growing have to do with growing cannabis?
  • While we were researching our original business model, we noticed our plants would often resemble dwarfed trees and abstract forests.  It turned out that most cannabis farms (CBD or THC) use a process called “cloning”. They will start out each season by growing from 15-20 plants they designate as “mother plants”, then populate their cannabis fields with the offspring. From the very beginning of our research, our goal was to try to keep specific medical strains alive year over year. So, we adapted the same root pruning process that Bonsai plant growers use.
If I am an official Beta Tester, and my plant dies, will I get a new (equivalent) plant? ?
  • Yes… We can’t give you an exact copy of your dead plant, but we will try to give you a plant that is the same relative shape, age, and style. In this instant, the plant must be living and upright in order for us to be able to approximate the size and appearance.

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