What we already know about Cannabis....

Just about the olny thing we know for sure is that there are currently 3 known dominant Medical Cannabis Strains in the USA


The Indica Strain most likely originated in the Middle East, Northern Africa, or India. It is commonly associated with a general sedative affect that relaxes the mind and body.


The Sativa strain most likely originated in hot, arid regions of Central America, South America, and Africa. The affects are generally associated with an uplifting or energizing feeling.


The Ruderalis strain is thought to have originated in the harsh, northern climate regions of Russia and Eastern Europe, This species was originally considered a feral species. It is widely considered to have vast medical potential due to the fact it has proven to be a strong, natural, anti-inflammatory agent.


Join our movement.  We want to separate the Washington State “Recreational Cannabis” industry from the Washington State “Medical Marijuana Dispensary System” (or lack thereof).  Our company believes that the goals of the Rec industry are at odds with the “MM Industry”. (i.e., a strive for “potency” versus “purity of strain and R&D”.

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